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Score Ranking
Top 10 clans
Undeads 16044
Orcs 4234
Minotaurs 2402
Steam Creatures 31
Top 10 players
Wind1stCapt Swashbuckler 10236
Talic Sporg 8806
Nicholas Vostok 7192
MadMarchHare Resident 3721
JessyLynn2 Resident 3420
Squifi Summerwind 1794
Mellanna Moonites 1493
Black Kolonimann 1415
Loompa Geordie 1404
Mirage Felicci 1339
Top 10 card collectors
Wind1stCapt Swashbuckler 128
Talic Sporg 126
Nicholas Vostok 122
Loompa Geordie 86
MadMarchHare Resident 82
Squifi Summerwind 77
Mellanna Moonites 73
Mirage Felicci 64
LauraAnne Sheridan 62
JessyLynn2 Resident 54
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  • New Steam Creatures Spawners!
    Three different kind of clockwork creatures spawners are now available in Total War Stores, straight from the mechanical Victorian Era! Get your weapons ready and fight against the Mad Doctor’s Steam Creatures: Robots, Bugs and Sentinels! You can also take the chance to visit the new TOKUNO STEAM STORE,...
  • Red Alert! Red Alert!…(Again!)
    Everyone ready to fight, Romulans have been sighted in Total War Sector, get your phasers and guns ready, we need to destroy them all!!! If you want a Total War Borg Spawner for your land visit our Total War Store or check SL Marketplace.
  • New Spawners in Stores!
    Despite these days of holidays two new creatures spawners are ready to entertain you with duels and battles.   Straight from the Caribbean Seas a nasty, dirty and fiendish crew of Pirates have reached Total War shores, and you’d better draw your blades if you run out of rum!!!...