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We've just released Total War Battle System and we're already working on some new cool additions, it's now time to let you know what we're expecting to release untill the end of february.

This new system is an addition to Total War scenarios. By special objects in game owners will be able to setup in game events showed on special scenarios map in our website. In a few words people will be able to know what's going on in game and to teleport in that location simply checking our website. Owners will be given different event options to choose from, allowing a very detailed customization.
The system do not require Total War to work, but our HUD will allow direct access to Event Board pages.

We're also working on much more else but we'll let you have more info in the next future, when expected time for release is more clear.


Keep are now available for purchasing in our main shop:

Tokuno Wind Main Store NAGASAK, Nagasaki BAKUMATSU (188, 173, 22)

Keep kit is one of the most interesting features we introduce with the Total War Battle System. A keep does not come as a full keep with walls, towers, ecc... but it comes in a kit containing only the scripted elements needed to interact with the total war syste. In a few words after opening the kit you'll get 6 items:
1 keep gate
1 keep door
1 keep relic
3 keep flagpoles

You must use these elements in your own designed castle/keep building. So build up your structure then place external gate, inner door, flagpoles ecc... in that building, and at the end put the keep relic in a central and well defended room. Keep relic is the main keep control, is the item you should touch when conquering the keep.

Keeps have been designed for Total War battle system only, you can't damage doors or gates and you cannot take the keep if you're not a Total War player. Also we strongly recomend you to be a Total War clan member to experience a full experience (you can get a shrine and make your own clan if you wish). It's true you can always use a keep kit, even if you're not in a clan, but it will become a Ghost castle, and can be taken by any Total War clan, even if there's no active war.

For more info about keep:

Keep Manual

Last Updated (Monday, 04 January 2010 01:19)


We told you, and we did it. The Total War battle system is going to be released today. If you're already a total war player you'll receive the new battle system package through our update server once you're putting it on, if you're not then it's time you get one for free in our shops and test it. We want to remind you the Total War battle system is free of charge and it's available in our shops.

We've already released the Shrines, the Total War system's backbone. Shrines allow you to create your own clan and manage it, a very important part of the total war system, give also access to keeps and scenarios (read the Total War manual in the Total War section inside the left menu for more info). In our shops you're able to find three different model of shrine, for the three already published scenarios. An ancient asian style shrine for Kobuto, an ancient mediterranean style shrine for Poseidon, and an egyptian like shrine for Anubi, but please note there are no limitations in their script, so you're able to use any of them in any scenario you wish, the only difference is in the way they look like, it's just a matter of look. We also released the three shrines in demo version, so you can test and see if you like the idea before buying it. But watch out, be informed that demo shrines will be operative only for 14 days after their first activation, and you won't be able to place a new demo nor your clan will, also 10 days after no active shrines can be found in your clan's facilities list the clan itself will be removed from the system.
By buying a shrine you'll receive updates life time for the product, so once a new updated version is released you'll automatically get it through our update server.

Keeps will be slightly delayed, we're going to put them for sell in the next two or three days, we had some minor issues we want to adress before launch.

It has been a lot of work, but we're very happy of what we did, we seriously think this combact system deserves a good place in the second life combact systems universe, and we're keeping the good work going to improve the system much more in the next few months, we are only releasing the first system verison now but we're already working on 3 new valuable items to be added to Total War system in the next two months, releasing new tools and updates for all the incoming year.

Tokuno Wind stuff, Teclo and Vinavill wish for you a very very happy new year!


You can find Shrines and the new combact system release (later in the night) here:

Tokuno Wind Main Store NAGASAK, Nagasaki BAKUMATSU (188, 173, 22)

Last Updated (Thursday, 31 December 2009 18:10)


We've added overnight a new scenario, intended to be an ancient mediterranean sea landscape, where greek, romans, persian theme based clans but not only, can pack up in alliance or fight using the total war battle system. We're planning to add some new scenarios in the next weeks, and we kindly ask you to suggest us what your clan's scenario choice would be if you plan to join Total War.

We've already pack up shrines for final release, and together with them all the clan, alliance, war, scenario system, we're now working on the fine tunings for keeps, and we expect them to be ready for final release after sunday. The battle system itself has been corrected of a few bugs and the damage has been sharpened following players suggestions. We expect to release the battle system, shrines and keeps until the end of the year, we'll keep you updated.

The system will be released under the following condition:

  1. Combact system: will be free for anyone, there will be automatic distributor in our shops giving away the full package. You'll never been charged for the combact system, now or in the future, it will always be free of charge.
  2. Shrine: they're the backbone of the battle system, allow players to create clans, manage them, create or join new alliance, declare wars, add clans to scenarios ecc... Shrines will be for sell in our shops, and a 14 days demo version will be released for free. 14 days after its first rez the demo shrine will automatically be disabled, then you'll have the choice to buy a shrine or have your clan disbanded in 10 days.
  3. Keep: the most interesting feature, it consists in a package with some flags (about 3), a keep control, an inner door and an external gate. You will then have to put those items in your existing structure, a keep or a tower, a castle, as you wish... and enemy clans will be able to damage and destroy gate and door getting keep double clicking the keep control. Once conquered a keep changes its flags to the new controlling clan's flag texture and updates itself to the new owner on scenario map. Keep will be for sell in our shops, no demo version will be released and they work only with Total War combact system, not with DCS2, CSI ecc...

We espect the three items to be a good start for our battle system, and we're already working on some new items to be released in the next months.

We wish for you a merry merry Christmas.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 23 December 2009 19:43)


We have finally added the pulsing hearth of Total War Battle System, the first scenario map. We're speaking about Kabuto, you can find the scenarios page here or choosing its link in Total War section. But what exactly scenarios are? Well they're huge themed maps including some clans, their members and structures, including keeps, shrines and arenas. A clan leader can choose the appropriate scenario for its own guild through the shrine control panel or web clan management and immediatly all clan's structures will appear on that map. Scenarios are split in regions, each regions is a different sim in where the clan's structures have been placed. When the system will start and shrines and keeps will be released you'll be able to see any single clan's structure on that map in real time, and its owner. You can figure out that will add some spice to clan wars, where keep will be able to be taken by enemy clans. We're soon publishing the deadline for combact system, shrines and keeps release, since beta testing is doing well, and the other stuff is almost finished.

Stay tuned!

Last Updated (Monday, 14 December 2009 00:23)

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