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Q.- I just put on my Total War 2, what shall i do now?
A.- We kindly suggest you to get confidence with the system by reading this manual and have a look at the total war map, click any of the Icon to be teleported directly in the middle of a monsters spawn, but be ready to fight.

Q.- How can I create a clan?
A.- To create a clan you need a Shrine. It will give you the ability to create and manage your own clan.

Q.-Can I have a customized Scenario for my own Roleplay?
A.- Yes. If you own a clan and you need a customized Scenario, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll provide you with a brand new one.

Q.- I own a dcs2 clan, and i would like to add Keep conquering to our Roleplay without change our combat system, is it possible?
A.- Yes, it is. Using Total War 2 together with your combat system, you will be able to use any Total War application and tool.

Q.- I would like to create a monster area in my land, how can I do that?
A.- You can create a monster area by placing a Monster Clan's Structure in your land.

Q.- How do you change your 'errant fighter' tag?
A.- 'Errant fighter' is the default tag, as soon as you join a clan or create your own, it changes to the clan name. You can also choose to make it invisible by clicking the "color button" on your Total War HUD.


Last Updated (Tuesday, 08 June 2010 22:34)

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