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Player Details

Points from creatures: 3336
Points from roleplay: 54
Creatures hunted: 1034
Deaths by creatures: 1792
Points from enemy kills: 30
Enemies killed: 35
Deaths by enemies: 18
Total Points by war and hunting: 3420
Total kills by war and hunting: 1069
Total deaths by war and hunting: 1810
4 total
Alpha Wolf
12 total
144 total
5 total
1 total
Bandit Boss
3 total
Clans Teeth
1 total
Damned Soul
15 total
Dread Spider
85 total
Dwarf Lumberjack
1 total
Dwarf Miner
1 total
Dwarf Warrior
1 total
Giant Scrabble
150 total
Giant Spider
88 total
Goblin Bandit
20 total
Goblin Flame Master
16 total
Goblin Hunter
13 total
Goblin Knight
4 total
Goblin Whip Master
8 total
26 total
Master Ninja
1 total
Maybe Santa Claus
2 total
Minotaur Guard
1 total
Minotaur Scout
2 total
Minotaur Soldier
1 total
Novice Bandit
7 total
Orc Guard
20 total
Orc Shaman
25 total
Orc Soldier
23 total
Orc War Lord
13 total
Orc Warrior
11 total
Pack Guardian
24 total
Pack Sentinel
12 total
Poison Spitter
51 total
Red Ninja
1 total
24 total
Santa Claws
1 total
Secret Weapon
1 total
50 total
Skeleton Captain
1 total
Skeleton Guard
23 total
Skeleton Knight
27 total
Skeleton Lieutenant
24 total
Skeleton Lord
45 total
Spartan Captain
6 total
Spartan Conqueror
1 total
Spartan Elite Soldier
10 total
Spartan Soldier
10 total
Teratha Sheeu
1 total
The damned skull
3 total
The king voice
2 total
The old Spirit
1 total
The Orc Treasure
1 total
20 total

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