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The new Tokuno Wind servers come directly by the technology used for supporting and developing our in game items. We're proud to introduce our TK-101 update server, first of a larger in game servers family created for updating purpose.

TK-101 is a new generation update server designed for in game product updating, it uses the Tokuno Wind data center for in game operations, main advantage is a faster execution speed, server operation overview by website, log capabilities, no need of prim's ID (you can rez and move server as many times you want), and much more. This server keeps log of sent products and can also be configured to send updates one time for each customer only.
The server can be used without a Tokuno Wind account, it's fully configurable by notecards, but we kindly suggest you to activate a free website account (the deployment script provide full ingame support in creating a new account and registering servers) to access full options, like server logs, and some more information.

You're not logged in so you're not allowed to see any server here. If you already own registered servers you'll be able to see a full list of your owned servers right here once logged in.

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