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Kodama no Ki and Tokuno Wind Total War are proud to join together to host Kodama no Ki Ninja Event!

Starting on April the 1st a wave of raged ninja will take possession of an area in Kodama no Ki land, close to a haunted house, infested by Karakasa ghosts.
They are led by some terrible Kodama Ninjas. Our aim is to defeat these Kodama Ninjas so many times to force them to leave the land free.
The fighter who, on April 15th, will have defeated more Kodama Ninjas than any other will be crowned ”Kodama Ninja Slayer” and will be rewarded with the special, limited edition, Total War Kodama Katana! A special ranking will be set up on Ranking Page

Kodama Ninja Headquarter

Last Updated (Friday, 17 June 2011 14:33)

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