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Yesterday we released an update for the Undeads Cemetery spawner. Our update server only sends the update once so please accept the package to avoid problems. This update fix some bugs and add new exciting features.


We released two new updates in the last two days to add some new features and fix some minor bugs to both Total War Battle System and Total War Lite. Fixing one of those bugs requires we have to prevent version prior 1259 from working. When trying to equip TWBS or TWL with version release prior 1259 you'll se a message displaying in chat and over your head with an "Out of Date" message. Simply equip the new version sent to you by Total War update server to be back playing again.


Citizens you're advised, a new menace is rising and spreading across Total War lands, dark and dangerous creatures from the reign of death are back to get their long waiting revenge against living people. Do you want to protect poor farmers and innocent childrens from the scary undeads? Do you feel yourself strong and powerfull and want to show everyone you're the best monster hunter around? Or simply you're a seeker of adventures in love with strong sensations? Watch our main map and get yourself teleported to one of the undeads cemeteries, and don't forget to note your scoring in the ranking section.

We also added a new interesting part to the website, The Hunter's Guide, where you can find detailed information about new creatures, even if they've already been killed. If not kill it first to bind your name forever as the first hunter who killed that beast.

Undeads Cemetery spawners are for sell starting from today, in Tokuno wind shops Nagasaki BAKUMATSU (188, 173, 22).

Last Updated (Monday, 10 May 2010 12:11)


Affiliate Vendor Program

The new Tokuno Wind's affiliate vendor program has now begun, put our vendor in your land or shop and get 25% of vendor's income.
Get the vendor in our Tokuno Wind Main Store NAGASAK, Nagasaki BAKUMATSU (188, 173, 22)

Last Updated (Tuesday, 27 April 2010 23:13)


We've just released a new Total War's family member, Total War Lite. Total War Lite is a platform designed for roleplaying, it allows use of Total War tools like clans or keep with any other combat system. Simply wear TWBS Lite attachment and HUD together with your combact system to use clan's tag and related management through Clan Shrines, or hit keep's doors.

TWBS Lite is free and can be found in our main store Tokuno Wind Main Store NAGASAK, Nagasaki BAKUMATSU (188, 173, 22)

TWBS Lite is not a combat system, while TWBS does.

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